I simply love (House)music, started producing in 1995 (at the age of 15) and by now had the pleasure to work with lots of wonderful people from all over the world.

Some of my music saw vinyl releases in the early 2010s, but after a few unpleasant affairs with pressing plants, etc. I had to stop releasing to get back my joy and not having to deal with all the unfunny things like doing artwork, marketing and stuff. Check out the collabs with my friends Chez Damier and Lazare Hoche from that era.

Since then lots of my unreleased productions and edits are around and played quite a lot by a small network of more or less known DJs. As an avid music collector, I of course DJ from time to time. I am also host of Here to Stay, a party & gathering for soulful dancemusic enthusiasts, celebrating the spirit of underground danceculture in Linz, Austria. My more recent productions can just be found on bandcamp, simply because I like to keep it simple and be more flexible.

- My bandcamp
- Lots of playlists with music I like
- For collaborations, just drop me a mail